Too Much Time On Internet: Depression?

Q: E-mail from a mom: My son spends a lot of time on the Internet. I’ve heard this can lead to depression. What do you think?

Too Much Time On Internet: Depression?
Too Much Time On Internet: Depression?

A: Dean Edell, M.D.: I can’t imagine that being on the Internet will cause your son to get depressed. Being on the Internet hour after hour could be a problem if he didn’t do anything else.

I’ve heard of studies showing there’s more depression among users of the Internet. But I question what came first – the depression or the Internet?

I really don’t see a correlation.

The Internet is one of the greatest technological achievements in history. It offers a gateway for making life better, easier and more productive. The Internet is our future.

I suggest that if you’re worried, you might limit your son’s time on the Internet. Kids need to play and socialize.

We should have a balance in everything.