How much talking is normal at age two?

Q: Mark: I have a 26-month-old son and he’s not talking very much. He says very simple words like: Mama, Dada, up, down and out. We had his hearing checked and it is normal. Should we see a speech therapist?

How much talking is normal at age two
How much talking is normal at age two

A: Dean Edell, M.D.:I’m not concerned. My mother loves to tell about how I didn’t talk until I was three and haven’t shut up since.

I would see a speech therapist because they might notice something that you and I are missing, but you do not have to panic about this at age two.

Yesterday we talked about the Ohio State study where kids as young as nine months old were capable of using sign language for many wants, needs and behaviors. This amazes us. Infants know what they want to say. They don’t have enough neurological development to talk, but they sure can move their hands!

They taught those kids how to say no, want more, juice, go, stop – basic and simple commands. With my own kids, they had a huge range. One in particular could barely say just a few words at three, and now is one of the most verbal kids I’ve ever seen.

So just relax. Ask your primary pediatrician about it, and if the pediatrician is happy, then I’m happy. Enjoy your bab! ies while they don’t talk, because soon after they do, it’s “Hey, Dad, can I have the keys?” “Hey, Dad, I want to go to the prom.” “Hey, Dad, I’m going away for the weekend.” And then you’ll say, wow, I liked it when he just was a paperweight, you know?