4 Naturist Treatments for Acne

Cystic acne, typified by gentle, lifted and inflamed, red pus-filled boils, is the most severe and excruciating type of acne, as stated by the CysticAcne.com.

While discussion with a dermatologist is recommended for serious situations, cystic acne might be dealt with by medical treatment together with a routine of naturist home remedies.

Naturist Treatment #1: Honey

The tang of honey is sweet to the tongue, but it may possibly show even sweeter once utilized as cystic acne treatment. According to the BenefitsofHoney.com, honey presents hard to believe antibacterial, antioxidant and cleansing assets.


The website further states that honey does not merely combat infection and helps restore tissue to health but also aids in decreasing swelling and scarring.

Honey may possibly be utilized to fight cystic acne in lots of means.

Tip 1: You can mix mashed aspirin into ¼ cup honey to utilize as a facial scrub.

Tip 2: GrannyMed.com recommends combining honey and oatmeal to create a facial masque to slow down swelling. You can prepare one portion of plain oatmeal according to manufacturer’s directions. Mix in ¼ cup honey and put onto your face.

Let it dry for 20 minutes prior to washing it off with lukewarm water.

Tip 3: One more tip presented by Dr. Randall Neustaeder, author and Oriental medicine practitioner, includes putting uncooked or unprocessed honey directly onto your skin to perform as an antibacterial means.

Naturist Treatment #2: Baking Soda

Initially identified as a leavening agent that instigates batters to go up, baking soda is found to also help in getting rid of boils connected with acne.

Baking Soda
Baking Soda

It does not merely soak up surplus oil production, but as stated by the Natural-HomeRemedies.com, baking soda assists to sustain a fresh, clear skin texture of the skin by performing as an exfoliating agent as well. It works to rub off dead skin cells that block the pores.

You can create a facial mask by means of combining baking soda and water to develop a thick paste consistency. Put on the mask onto your face, and let it dry approximately 30 minutes. Put on a little quantity of tepid water on your face, and rub down the mask onto your skin.

Wash off with five to six splatters of cold water.

Naturist Treatment #3: Turmeric

Turmeric, a radiant yellow spice, aids in getting rid of bacteria and carcinogens from your skin. HomeRemediesForYou.com says that once it is put exactly on boils, turmeric stimulates the healing procedure.


The website recommends roasting turmeric roots, melting the ashes in one cup of water and patting the mixture onto the distressed parts to help boils ripen and rupture. AcneTalks.com suggests a creating a paste consistency out of turmeric, mango, lemon and water to utilize as facial mask.

Naturist Treatment #4: Lemon Juice and Rose Water Wash

Through every day use, a lemon juice and rose water wash persuades skin rejuvenation and constricting of the pores, giving radiant clear skin in just a matter of 30 days, as stated by Dr. Neustaedter.

Lemon Juice
Lemon Juice

The topical utilization of lemon juice dries up surplus oils and smoothen the progress of skin flexibility. Meanwhile, the antibacterial and toning assets of rose water, obtainable in health food stores, alleviates the tingling sensation that the lemon juice may produce.

rose water wash
rose water wash

Cleanse your skin with hot water. Combine identical portions of rose water and juice of one freshly squeezed lemon into a bowl. Immerse a cotton ball to the mixture and munificently put it onto your face. Let it dry for 30 minutes prior rinsing off with lukewarm water.

These are just 4 naturist treatments which you can use for acne. You may try them on and choose the best remedy for you. After all, they do not cost much.